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Eight Chinese Immortals

These Immortals are from a silk and paper screen that was hand painted…. it is one of the most colorful depictions i have seen.

From left to right on the painting:

Lan Caihe: one of the youngest, a florist, he reminds people that life is fleeting.

Lu Dongbin: the scholar, also has power to heal, his sword can drive out disease and evil.

Zhongi Quan: the leader of the group, and former soldier, he has the power to revive the dead.

Zhang Guolao: one of the elders of the group, he is known as a teacher and powerful alchemist, he carries a musical instrument, made of a bamboo with two iron rods with hooks.

Li Tieguai: the earliest and first of the group to attain immortality, he carries an iron crutch and his other symbol, the gourd, is on his shoulder. He offers comfort to the sick and support to their caretakers.

Han Xiangzi: playing his flute, easily recognizable as inspiration to musicians he is known also as a philosoper, his flute has the power to give life.

Cao Guojiu: the youngest of the group, guardian of actors, once a member of a royal family, wears court robes and carries the castanets or a pair of jade court tablets, which have the power to purify.

He Xiangu: the only woman, she always carrys the lotus blossom which symbolizes purity and marital bliss.

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  1. Maureen Minora
    Posted August 3, 2013 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

    Today, at an estate sale, I believe that I purchased a framed set of six of the eight immortals, based upon your photo and description. The piece was originally owned by a gentleman who daughter told me that he had given her some as well. I have nlt removed the pieces from the frame, but they appear to be in pretty good condition, though the screens have shifted a bit within the frame, and one of the figures needs a bit of glue to reposition her head.

    Could you offer me a recommendation for next step?

    I would be very interested in knowing approximate age and value…I appreciate the fact that it is not a full complement of immortals…my luck!

    Thank you,

    Maureen Minora