It is an era of change. The "system" can not seem to keep pace with the growing cultural diversity and changing values of our societies. New "protocols" are being defined and redefined by the change we experience. With all of this diversity, what is it that we can all agree on? How do we work together? How can we resolve differences? How can we work out disputes? How do we move forward together? How do we maintain our independence and individuality?

Can we find a common denominator? A set of core values? That is the challenge and opportunity.

The Ridgewood Foundation, through a ten year dialogue process, has put forward a CBCR Convention Statement. It gives direction, as well as shape and form, to the CBCR “Protocol Processes”. It is as follows:


Through this Convention we declare that: as part of their Natural Equity, peoples should be entrusted with the responsibility and the means to resolve their conflicts through peaceful and cooperative processes.

We further affirm, that these Protocols, Processes and Rules, embody cardinal principles and values such as; Dignity, Respect, Honor and Trust.

Furthermore, we submit that the means and resources to effect resolution be viewed as an equal priority by all Governments and Societies as are the formal Systems of; Justice, Law Enforcement, Education, Health and Defense.


copyright | Ridgewood Trust