The CBCR Field Process is a series of conflict resolution processes that are linked together to form an experiential training and interactive dialogue. The training provides the opportunity to gather a variety of people and focus them on process leadership and conflict resolving activities.

16-20 people are gathered for a three day training session and on the last afternoon they lead a two hour “real time” dialogue with invited guests. Each of the participants is asked to invite four people that they know to the dialogue and to participate in providing the “pot luck” lunch for the guests.

The participants are paired with teammates through a random draw and share the leadership roles during the dialogue. The topic of the dialogue is “Establishing a Conflict Resolution Protocol”. The output of the session is kept by the training group and forms the framework for future activities.

Individuals who attend the dialogue are asked “who else should be here” and also if they would wish to attend a three day training session themselves. Participants for future sessions are drawn from these lists. This cycle is repeated three times.

The process is opened up in the third cycle to include participants from other geographic or interest areas. This opening encourages the sharing of ideas and outlooks. It also helps to demonstrate the process to a wider audience.  

The process cycle is completed with a special two-day interactive session which is open to all who have participated in either the training or the dialogues. 

A two-week Process Leadership Training Program can also be organized. It prepares individuals to lead field processes as well as develop additional conflict resolution skills. During this program, "real time" interactions are arranged for a day long series of interactions on the “Protocol and implementation of community action plans".

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