The automated "contact us" feature on this site has been removed. Because of the increasing use of web sites as a source for email addresses for spamming and false addresses for viruses, we are also adopting the practice of not publishing our address on the web with the @ symbol included.


The Ridgewood Foundation for Community-Based Conflict Resolution (Int'l) was founded in 1992. It is a Registered Canadian Charity (88918-0246-RR-001) with its head office in Ontario, Canada.

Ridgewood's mission is: To contribute to the continued development of CBCR (Community-Based Conflict Resolution) and peace-making initiatives through foundational and principled best practices, process design and training, in Canada and throughout the world.

Ridgewood is not grant funded. This web site and the materials on it, are made available through the support of its friends and members.



For further information please email us directly. Our email address is:


ridgewoodtrust(-at-) gmail (dot) com

Replace the "-at-" with the @ symbol on the address line of your email program.