July 9, 2007   Effective this date, the Ridgewood Foundation has ceased operations and is in the process of returning its charter to the Charities Branch. The retirement of founder and Managing Director, RP Birt, was stated as the reason for closure.

For further information please use the contact link above. To all of those who supported the work of Ridgewood... Thank you!

RP (Bob) Birt

The Ridgewood Foundation for Community-Based Conflict Resolution (Int'l) was founded in 1992. It's Registered Canadian Charity number was (88918-0246-RR-001) with its head office in Ontario, Canada.

Ridgewood's Foundation's web site is the original source for CBCR (Community-Based Conflict Resolution) processes.

Ridgewood's mission is: To contribute to the continued development of CBCR (Community-Based Conflict Resolution) and peace-making initiatives through foundational and principled best practices, process design and training, in Canada and throughout the world.

The CBCR materials, intellectual property and this web site are now maintained by the Ridgewood Trust. Ridgewood is not grant funded. This web site and the materials on it, are made available through the support of its friends and members.



Ridgewood currently maintained two program areas: CBCR and Techno Literacy.


CBCR (community-Based Conflict Resolution)

On this site you will find CBCR CBCR and Conflict Analysis PowerPoint presentations. They have been downloaded and used by people from all over the world. While portions of these materials have been translated into over a dozen languages, they are maintained on this site in English. The Alligatortown Chronicles has its own section on the web site.

Much of the work in CBCR is being carried on by the: European Institute for CBCR-GBKL

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Techno literacy  

Ridgewood Foundation's Open Source Software Projects, are developed as an extension of its charitable objectives in community development. In addition to the development and distribution of these packages, Ridgewood maintains several websites and offers training in computer and web based skills development.

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