Open Source Software

The Ridgewood Foundation for Community-Based Conflict Resolution (Int'l) was founded in 1991. Techno dot Ridgewood, was the other side of the Ridgewood Foundation.

Technology and innovation has enabled Ridgewood to support the development of Community-Based Conflict Resolution (CBCR) in Canada and throughout the world.

In 2003, Ridgewood undertook a major Open Source Software Project to upgrade its technological capacity and share it as an extension of its charitable objectives in community development. More....

The ZedFiles Open Source project

ZedFiles is installed by copying a single folder to the host computer. All of the Desktop and Content Management Systems (CMS) programs on the ZedFilesCD are preconfigured including a launch portal and the Apache Friend's Xampp Project Apache web server with a MySQL data base.

The ZedFilesCD is available in a three CD or single DVD format. Please contact us for further information. Links for individual applications are still maintained in the downloads area.

OpenChannel Intranet CMS

OpenChannel is a preconfigured Apache and MySQL suite of content management software that is ready to go.

Only three clicks are required to install the suite. Start the Apache and MySQL Services using shortcuts numbered 1, 2 and 3. Then enter an IP address in your browser... for your computer on your network or for local host.

All of the applications are RSS compliant and can be preconfigured in PortableThunderbird to simplify deployment.


OpenChannel 2.0

OpenChannel 2.0

OpenChannel 2.0