DeskTopXampp (DTX) Project

The primary objective of the DTX Project is to encourage the use of 'web based' software for desktop applications whether on a main Win32 desktop system or from a removable USB device. This is facilitated through the use of Apache Friends XAMPP server packages and a newly developed launcher-controller.

An example of a DTX configuration can be found in the ScreenShots Gallery.

DeskTopXampp is also an excellent development and educational tool. It creates an opportunity to learn, design and evaluate applications which use PHP or MySQL before they are used on a LAN or uploaded to a web site.


The DTX-control is the cornerstone of the DeskTopXampp project. It was developed in collaboration with Nat32 and Apache Friends.

The primary feature is the support of 'alternative porting' of both Apache and MySQL servers to avoid conflicts with existing sessions and to allow multiple 'concurrent sessions'. These are important issues for developers as well as the PortableApps community.

Two or more different Apache/MySQL server sessions can be run on a Win32 system at the same time if they are configured for ports other than the defaults (80/3306)XAMPP is normally set to. Instructions for setting up alternative porting are found in the readme here.