Project Objectives

The ZedFiles Project was originated in 2003 by the Ridgewood Foundation as an extension of its charitable objectives in community development. The initial goal was to increase the awareness and development of Open Source Software for people from all over the world who visit Ridgewood's CBCR web site. The Foundation ceased operation in the fall of 2007 and the project is being maintained by volunteers.

The objectives for the ZedFiles Open Source Project were:

To Identify and evaluate a suite of free "Open Source" software programs for individuals and "small e" enterprises.

The software must be; well documented, easy to install and wherever possible, available for both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

Provide access to the software providers from a central site.

Contribute and collaborate with the Open Source community.

Many Open Source Software applications are now being ported to run on Microsoft Windows as well as Open Source operating systems like Linux. We would like to be really clear that this is by no means a definitive list of what is available. There are countless examples of quality applications and programming.

A great deal of Open Source Software development is being done by dedicated volunteers through not-for-profit organizations. They are collaborating to build a new paradigm for the creation and distribution of information technology. It is community in action.